Evaluation Resource Wende conference May 30 & 31 2023

We really appreciate to receive your honest feedback on the quality of the conference, so we can improve our approach for the next event.

  • You can provide your opinion through a rating (0 = bad, 10 = excellent). If you don’t have an opinion or didn’t attend a session, please indicate ‘no opinion‘;
  • Remarks are optional (and very helpful) in case you would like to clarify your opinion or give additional feedback;
  • All feedback will be compiled into an anonymous report. Your name will not appear in any communication towards hosts, speakers or external parties. Your name and email will only be used for follow-up purposes where appropriate (e.g. in case you would like to get involved in follow-up activities).

Filling the form will take you about 5 minutes. THANKS in advance!

Evaluation form