Futures Commission

Urgent sustainability transitions are delayed at country, regional and global level. Persuasion power is needed to bring these transitions back on track, while at the same time taking into account the imminent resource scarcity challenges. The core-members of the Futures Commission aims to be the driving force for the most urgent transitions. They will be supported by a network of national and regional ambassadors to guarantee buy-in at all levels within politics, business, knowledge institutions and society.

Dialogues will be organised at national and regional level with a network of business and political leaders, professionals and social representatives. Past experience has shown that a combination of a powerful network and structured dialogues are key ingredients to develop a common story of the future and a decision-making framework that guide the realisation of an integrated set of sustainability transitions.

Here you can find an overview of the current composition of the Futures Commission. Please contact us in case you have the right background/network and would like to contribute to a bright future for the Netherlands and all life on earth.